Recognised as one of the top iGaming creative and design agencies, MAXCREATE offers bold, high-impact user-centric online casino solutions in addition to a range of bespoke services.

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Lead UI/UX Designer


Research, Planning, Design, Illustration, UI/UX, QA

While working as a Lead UI/UX Designer I was involved in numerous in-house design projects such as the rebranding process of Maxcreate identity and re-design of the company corporate website.

Fast-paced, innovative and unpredictable – iGaming is a unique and young industry. This was a really fun project to have my hands on since I was able to experiment with the tone and voice of the brand (making it very friendly and fun to the spectator), colour palettes and my imagination was set free allowing me to create numerous exciting illustration assets and other fun material.

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Focused on Services. The re-design process consisted of transforming a “one-pager” to an informative company website with a focus on services presentation tp provide the audience with a positive experience.

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