Wishmaker Casino

Wishmaker Casino has been created to provide an experience that will make you believe in wishes coming true, dreams becoming a reality and entertainment being within reach! Wishmaker Casino is an online casino where members can go and enjoy plenty of games which include slots, table games and a live casino.

Wishmaker Pre-Launch Screen

Wishmaker parallax preview

The Pre-Launch

Wishmaker online casino is another fun and exciting project which was done while working as a Lead Designer at Maxcreate. Dealing with iGaming and Casinos brings a lot of joy and creative freedom to designers. The main brief was to create a magical, new casino world which looks fun, inviting and engaging users to play. That’s why even the “coming soon” was done in a creative manner, parallax style, colourful casino pre-launch presentation with an option to get notified when the casino will go live.


UI/UX Designer


Research, Planning, UI/UX, Illustration, Visual Assets, QA

Wishmaker concept stage

After successful pre-launch campaign, Wishmaker casino was launched (see previews below) Casino consisted of different versions of homepage (logged-out, logged-in versions), user area, games, races and levels.

Wishmaker home logged-out

Wishmaker trophies screen

Wishmaker components

Wishmaker sign up screens

Wishmaker online casino games filtering flow.

Wishing Well Side Game

When user completes a level or wins a bonus, he or she is offered to play wishing well side game. It was a lot of to design the game itself. The main concept is pretty simple: user clicks a button launching a coin into a well. Coin drops into specific areas with prizes and user gets an award or a trophy.

Wishmaker wishing well side game preview

Mobile Game Screen 1

Mobile Game Screen 2

Mobile Game Screen 3

Mobile Game Screen 4


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